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Our mission is to offer innovative integrated telecommunication services (voice and data), thus offering our customers a lot more at a lesser cost. A French model inspired ColbaNet: to offer 3 residential services (Internet, telephone and TV signal) at $50 per month. This is half the price of what the competition is offering.


In 1996, Mr. Joseph Bassili founded ColbaNet an Internet Service Provider (ISP). ColbaNet rapidly became one of the most important privately owned ISP in Quebec. ColbaNet offers a complete range of telecommunication services.

In 2000, as more and more customers were looking for faster connections, ColbaNet introduced ADSL connectivity. CGI’s Internet division, acquired by ColbaNet in 2003, opened new markets with important customers throughout Canada. In 2005, ColbaNet bought SpectraVoice , a company offering voice over internet protocol VOIP. ColbaNet was one of the first to implement its own equipment in the telephone centrals of Bell Canada in Montreal.